Benefit Brokers

A Different Approach with
Benefit Brokers

The HR Tree takes a different approach when it comes to relationships with Benefit Brokers.

Have you ever lost benefits business to a Payroll & HR company who’s end game is to sell benefits to your clients? Working with The HR Tree your benefits business is never in jeopardy. We are not in the benefits business, we leave that part up to you. Instead we complement our broker partners in providing the administrative fulfilment your clients need, while ensuring that your benefits business is protected.

Contact us to learn more about how The HR Tree can help your agency:

  • Earn New Employee Benefits Business through our network
  • Offer administrative services to your clients that wont risk your benefits business
  • Streamline your renewal processes for your clients
  • Work collaboratively to better support your clients Benefits Administration
  • Develop sales strategies for you to combat your clients considering going to a PEO
  • Educate your clients on ways to lower their administrative costs

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